the unforced rhythm
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☆★ Monday, February 7, 2011

this is really hectic.

last 3 weeks before i can rot and shake my hairy legs at home all day........
nah.....not really. i got many things to do actually. like finding a job,
meeting my sheeps, clearing up the cny goodies..

my final year project requires us to produce an educational animation for the patients there at IMH [institute of mental health]. basically nurses will use this video to teach the patients how to prevent themselves from falling down and breaking a bone or tooth.

we are pretty far behind...still lagging...
animation........ its really not smth i wana do for life.. oh man...
i wonder what shut my passion for my course... its becoming dreadful. haha. oh boy.

recently, i am eating alot. guess i am really stressed up. but food's smth we shd all appreciate and just eat all we can. HAHA. before i die, i shd really taste all the glorious and dope food out there in this world.

lastly, funk has started to invade my life. omgah. i am so interested about soul and funk music. the culture, the works! why? locking made me do it. after many years of dancing, i came to realised when i am locking, it jus makes me happy? and wana express myself more? cos i am a happy man? ahhh. u get what i mean? anyways, thanks to ian aka chunky for planting the seed of locking in my soul! thats how it all started. imma gonna plunge into locking this year!

its 20FUNK11LOCKorDIEtime!

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