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☆★ Thursday, June 19, 2008

on the 9th to 12th of JUNE 2008!
LIVES WERE 'TOUCHED'! wahahahah!!
at DOWNTOWN EAST! yes...we had our OASIS CAMP!

higher, deeper, wider.....!!!

this is where we have our YUMMIES for the 4D3N!

this is what NB1 [josh's crew] did!
they literally "whacked" over 50 OTAHs!
MADNESS! wahahaha....
but well done, u guys finished everything!
seriously, if there's yhope book of records for food, i will send this team in!
(i got a vid for this, check it out at the end!)

games at pasir ris park!!


north's toast to VICTORY!

introducing.......shar!!! [middle]
she's NORTH's "lao da"!
also, my leader & friend!!

shar's speaking... ahem!

yeah!!! NORTH came in 1st for OASIS GAMES!

shar's Mighty Men!

dk and hoe!!
fello NORTH team mate!

...?? some random shot.

Dk with cactus!!
my gosh..cacti's drooling!
yep, privileged to take a photo with me!
wahhahaha...no la! jkjk~

For me personally, i had a great time with God and my "crew"!
[okay, in other words, my family, NORTHB's the name!]

HEYA NORTHB Jesus freaks, its been my pleasure to spend this camp with you!
In fact, i would like to say WELCOME to all those first timers,
  • Melvin [NB1]
  • Joseph [NB1]
  • Zhe Jia [NB1]
  • Jeremy [NB1]
  • Chanel [NB2]
  • Jamie [NB2]
  • Meow Wei [NB2]
  • Rebecca [NB2]
  • Mei Fen [NB2]
  • Jacq [NB2]
  • Ellina [NB3]
  • Jin Lin [NB3]
YESSH! CONGRATS~ after my first camp, i never miss a single one ever!

Not to forget, the "old timers"... hahah... well, i believe this camp's different from the previous
one yeah?! hahahahah....more are ministered and loads of fun and fellowship.....some more at DTE!! wahahahahha...

Seriously, am sorry that i couldn spend as much time with you in camp...cos its too short!!!
arrrrhhh....hahaha.... i really wan2 spend more time with my sheeps, my leaders and NORTHB!
man... camp's what i call, tasting a "slice of heaven".... imagine if this is only a slice...what would "full piece" of heaven be like?!?!?

NORTHB, its always been my pleasure to lead all of you..
each time i look at you, i see hope for woodlands and the world~
for all of you are beaming with potential and are future world changers.
from the youngest member to the spiritually "oldest" leader, you make up NORTHB!
you may or may not be a shepherd, but to me, you are a blessing!
to God, of course, you are winners! thanks for allowing me to lead you.

look at that!! look! look!
they're my family!!!

another family shot!!!!
yep, josh's at the top!
this pictures symbolises:
we Jesus freaks are at the top, not the bottom!

dk's mighty men...wahhaha, ok la,
these people here, are my NORTHB team mates! they roc!
yeah, indeed, friends for life!

SHEEP: alvin and dk..

SHEEP: dk and yuenhan..

SHEEP: josh and dk

bear with me as i improve. if God calls me to take on woodlands, i will do it, for i know He
will back me up and you guys are with me in this as well. CG08, NORTHB...finish up woodlands! it may be tough especially after camp... i believe those who responded to God during those 4 days, God is gonna SHAPE you big time! You will go through testings you never like, difficulties and hardships comes along as you pledge to serve God all the way, old habits will start coming back, but you BE STRONG, NORTHB..

after climbing every mountain, you get to enjoy the view at the peak... after every exam, you get to enjoy a break, after every taste of medicine, you recover.... so HANG ON!

remember, God is the same God yesterday, today and forever...HE DOESN'T EXIST IN DOWNTOWN EAST ONLY! and what we have responded to God must be a CONVICTION, not based on your FEELINGS....its not a climax, but a platform for growth! *Don't be like the seed that falls on the path for the birds to eat, or rocky grounds, or thorns...but on good soil! Our hearts have to be that GOOD SOIL...to contain and keep HIS WORD!

all in all, i just wanna say i realli LOVE this NORTHB family of God...
NORTH B rox! i love this NORTHB family of GOD! wahahahah.....

<northB! give 1 northB clap! *clap* "JESUS!">

*Matt 13

otah spamming!!

here's a TOAST from NORTHB.....!!
yesshh.....its JEEEEEEE......SUS!! who's our saviour, who
bonds us all together, the CENTRE of NORTHB and
in each individual's lives! we are all MAD for CHRIST!
[its kinda long...but u will see, hahaha...the champane popped
halfway, whahaha....my bad....i shook it too much, too powerful to
control~ wahahaha....thank God it hit no one! but splashed onto jialing
and mandy!!! whaaha! happy "new" 2008 in completing WDLS!]

His vessel... @ 1:00 AM

☆★ Saturday, June 14, 2008

haha~ ah jin, this is the quiz!

a. What is maturity?
doing the right things at the right time. . .

b. What is wisdom?
applied knowledge. . .

c. What is common sense?
logic. . . whahahhaha!!

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☆★ Thursday, June 12, 2008

beautiful song i want to share with all, yupp.

Corrine May- Five loaves and two fishes.

to give all we could with all we have..

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☆★ Wednesday, June 4, 2008

here is a really valuable lesson i want to share with all...
yupp, its bout loneliness. i find it really helpful~

The Loneliness of Separation

by Rick Warren

Only Luke is with me. 2 Timothy 4:11 (NIV)

*** *** *** ***

Separation causes loneliness. In prison, awaiting execution, Paul feels isolated from those he loves. He asks his protégé Timothy to visit, “Do your best to come to me quickly” (2 Timothy 4:9, NIV).

Paul later mentions some of his friends, such as Priscilla, Aquila , and the household of Onesiphorus (2 Timothy 4:19). They are among Paul’s his closest friends and he misses them.

He is feeling the loneliness of separation. Paul never went anywhere alone; he always had at least one traveling companion. Yet, here at the end of his life, he’s in prison in a foreign country and he can’t just pick up the phone and reach out and touch somebody.

In the United Sates, twenty-five percent of the population moves in any given year. Many of us have lost our roots, or never had any to begin with, and that can cause loneliness. We can experience the loneliness of separation because of military service, or a career, or an illness.

What can you do about your loneliness from separation?

Focus on the needs of others – Get your eyes off yourself and focus outward. Look at how you can serve other people. Paul focused on telling more people about Jesus: “But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it” (2 Timothy 4:17 NIV).

Focus on your purpose – Even when Paul was isolated in a prison, he wanted other people to know about Jesus. He wanted everybody to know about God’s love. He stopped looking at himself and he looked at how he could still tell others about the good news.

When you’re lonely – Stop building walls and start building bridges! Instead of saying, “I’m so lonely,” say, “Father, help me be a friend to people who need a friend. Help me to help lonely people.” That is the antidote for loneliness.

© 2008 Purpose Driven Life. All rights reserved.

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