the unforced rhythm
______of grace

☆★ Sunday, August 30, 2009

another 11 NRA teams got thru heats
to semis for suntec dance 09.

personally, its a breakthrough for me.
undefined, its our semi-finals this time.

another week of chionging & training.`

i need it.

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☆★ Tuesday, August 25, 2009

just chatted with kitkat..
well, the night seems pretty quiet tonight.
cold wind blows.... not even a whisper........
ahhaha! what am i typing...!!! oh man...

suntec's heats coming this sat..
our training's as usual, everyday..
tiring i must say, but fulfilling.
keep wanting to improve.
remembered, Ann spoke to undefined (w/ BW and JiaJun)
the other time. it was a wake up call for me, and
the team too..
she asked questions that stuck me straight.
-what shouldn u do in a competition?
-what do you like and dislike bout this item?
-how many of u gave your best?
.......hardcore evaluation.
best, she impart faith to us before she leaves!

well, its only dew days away.

be it we get through or not,
we'll just one message to send to the judges on stage..

and those who supported me through this period..
not to forget, undefined, who danced with me on stage.
u guys rock. ^^

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☆★ Friday, August 14, 2009

its tmr...
big day.
create smth from nth.
undefined. lets do this.
first time in comp.
some more, suntec dance ..
agreed what BW said,
"feel the love~"

show time NRA!

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☆★ Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"ou xiang"!!!

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☆★ Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The highly anticipated annual Suntec Dance competition, Suntec Dance is back and this time the prizes are much more attractive!

We wish to invite you to register and participate in any of the following categories to stand to win prizes totaling a value of $37,000!

The competition is open to:

Junior Solo Category : Individual 12 years old and below for Junior Solo Category
Open Solo Category : Individual 13 years old and above for Open Solo Category
Group Category : 4 to 8 members of any age

The closing date for registration is 9 August 2009 (Sunday).


Date : Sat 15 Aug 2009
Time : 1pm
Venue : Galleria Square

*ContestantsParticipants for all categories will go through the Audition to show their talent and skills for 1 minute. Qualified contestants will be invited to compete in the Heats.

Date : Sat 29 Aug 2009
Time : 1pm
Venue: Galleria Square

*15 selected contestants/ groups in each category will be selected from the Heats to will compete in the semi-finals.

Semi Finals*
Date: Sat 5 Sep 2009
Time: 1pm
Venue: Galleria Square

*Top 10 Selected contestants/groups in from each category will be selected from the Semi Finals semi finals will compete for a chance to enter the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals
Date: Sun 20 Sep 2009
Time: 5pm
Venue: Fountain of Wealth

*Top 3 winners for each category will be selected for the Grand Finals. The winning team for from the Open category will represent Suntec City Mall to participate in the BATTLEGROUNDS International Championship in Melbourne.

* Results will be published on the www.sunteccity.com.sg and shortlisted contestants/groups will be notified via post/ phone calls.

its finally here..
those participating, all the best!!!
shout out to NRA!!! Woosh~
"undefined"...lets jiayou`

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☆★ Monday, August 3, 2009

this is madness!!!!
NRA sent out JOYCE & THE BOYS for competition during SBDC [singapore best dance crew]
during May 2009. they emerge as champions!! and got a trip to VEGAS to participate in HIPHOPINTERNATIONAL..
guess what ...!?!


for those who missed out. here's the vid!

DOPE MAX!!!!!!
hahhaa, dun u just hate them for being so good?!


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☆★ Sunday, August 2, 2009

just came back from a great time @ riverview hotel
thanks ma & pa for organising it!!
welcome back jo-n! glad to see ppl like hx, josh, shar, api,
ex-north ppl, bro's frens, even my cousins and relatives..

its my bro's 21st!
woohooo~ getting the 'key' huh? ai seh.
hhahaha....anyways happi advance bday, bro`

well.. time's running short.
loads of stuffs to do.
just to share whats on my mind.

1. Suntec Dance Comp
15th Aug, its like so ard the corner.
and we've got so much to clean and work on.
...haiz, lose control? i need to understand how my body works.
control, effort, sharpness, full out!!!!! ><"
but let's jiayoou, undefined! giving all we've got.
tks BW, JJ, DVn!

2. End sem modules
studies! to chiong portfolio work now wud be xiong max!
arrrggg! GOD, HELP! need to really balance it well.

i've been awarded cash from studies bursaries... its quite alot.
and i really wan2 save it well. i mus strive to work harder.

4. Friends.
loved ones and all. sorry,
i am really doing my best to spend time with u.
i really dun wan2 miss out quality time.

5. #$@(*#
i just need to take time off sometimes....to reflect on
what i'm doing, or where i'm headed to...
going to bangkok this october, to chill...
hopefully, after the comp, and during sem break, i
can get back "up" on my 2 feet.

6. uuuuuunnnnn
i need to drink.

7. 1q2w3er4t..
went for first svc these 2 weeks, man..
i really miss the people there...
my ex-unit, ex-dmm, i just miss them so much..
wish i could really catch up with them again...
hope u guys are doing fine!!!! keep running the race~ok?

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