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______of grace

☆★ Sunday, September 28, 2008

check this out..
His word in pictures!

haha....my favourite is "DARK LIGHT"...
an interesting illustration!!

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☆★ Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the gold covered Porsche!!
Some moron with more money than taste has added almost 40 lbs of gold to his 911 convertible. So now it's 40 pounds heavier, and 50% less cool. Seriously, what is it with rich people's fascination with shiny things?
It's ridiculous lar...hahah...
You know what other demographic loves shiny objects? Babies. Coincidence? I think not.


another rich guy "Burberry" his Maserati Quattroporte. It spoiled its original look and they didn't even do a good job... I mean the lines don't even match up.

If i were to head down to the Maserati dealership,
I'm gonna "dk stunner" the first rich person I see milling around the lot. wahahaha...

wealth is like wasted on the good looks of the cars!

Below are a couple of closeups and a few of a chrome Ferrari 599,
which would be blinding to drive or be behind.. ><''

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Thought the gold porsche and burberry maserati were bad?
How about a pink camo Bugatti Veyron?

The Veyron (and green camo Rolls Royce Phantom after the jump!) are both owned by
Nigo, the ban behind Japanese clothing line Bathing Ape.

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hahaha.....another "treat" for cat lovers!!
Aww...how cute, a printer-repair kitty!!!

watch it to the end.

first a NINJA CAT, now a NINJA DOG!!
this is called "the great escape"...
here comes a ninja dog for all you canine lovers.
This little guy could certainly teach a thing or two about proper ninjaing.
You think he can wield a katana?

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☆★ Saturday, September 20, 2008

had a wonderful time spent with my beloved "shepherds"
earlier yesterday.... NO WORRIES, REBECCA!! join us soon okie??
anyways, we went to VIVO CITY's RIVERSIDE VIEW.....and gathered!
we had LONG JOHN SILVER before that... = )
[i was so thirsty, i just 'ate up' the whole LARGE CUPPA COKE!!!]

hahaha...it was so FUN at our meet!! well, i performed some magic tricks for my
friends...but apparently, they didnt caught it.....thats why they didnt clap for me.....
[okok...fine, u guys saw the coin.....i will IMPROVE!! u see!!!]

we sidetracked from our meet halfway bout 6pm....then we just keep taking photos!!
before we knew it, sky turned dark.....went back and carried on... wahahahahaha!!
we evaluated our "sheeps", in 3 aspects:
  • spiritual status?
  • what can i do to help them grow?
  • whats my next challenge for them?
indeed a great time of learning and sharing and.....nonsense by DK..!! wahahah...
[sry, i couldn help it..] but you know what??

YOU GUYS ROCK MY SOCKS....AND MY..... okok....

check out the sky as the picture goes.... ahahha!!!

oopps...zhe jia fell off....
tried some contrast adjustment as its kinda dark....argg....
didnt turn out too good still....
i love this shot!!!!! ahahah!!!
but blurr lahh!
Val & sheepies!
[Ah jin & missy XY]
the bruddas!!!
Josh & sheepies!
[clockwise: zhe jia, david, ben!]
(pointing at a bottle of jelly beans!)

siamese twins!! wahahaha~~~!!
cheers!!! its BABY MILO!!!!

whahahaa......great great fun!!!
AND before we left .....guess what caught MY EYE!?!?
its the BMW 118 i!!!
its so so HOT!! haahaha.....gosh!
its WHITE!! goodness~!
(i almost fainted...)
yey~ a photo with "her"!!

alright!!!! last but not least....
i just wana share that....few kilos ahead of my house, there's this BAKERY...
but its no ordinary BAKERY....its a CHRISTIAN BAKERY!!!
and it opens 24hrs!!!

this is seriously a WAY OF EVANGELISM!!!

the verse's there is [JOHN6:35]

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☆★ Friday, September 19, 2008

recently we had a new 'come-together'..
its 'MSM'... well, stands for "mustard seed meet"
basically, its for all the key seeds of our pioneering schools
to get together to work out further on how to complete *CG08..

[*its a small scale of the great comission.. its a campaign to plant a CG
in every high school in singapore...for us, NORTHB...its WOODLANDS
we are in charge of! wOoOoOoOoOoOOOOoooOoO000000000oOooOo!!......
okay, thats a long woo.]

we are targetting on the lower secondary...
so we are bringing in the sec 3s and below into this meet.
the rest of you in NORTHB, we have to work hard too!!
this meet is to train up the freshies further as seeds in the school!!
also, the key criteria here is ..

1.willingness to be used by the maker
[to be a finisher of CG08]


attached below is a video on the MSM convictions shared by the crew!
its led by Josh! the guy on the left...hahaha!!
sorry, its like watching "shadows" speaking.....cos we were at the stairwell..
[peok looks scary man....the last girl....no offense though = )..]

yay! jiayou!
WOODLANDS is for us to claim!

and a little treat for you guys...
this is the forfeit done in Val's CG...
they actually have a whole piece of bread stuffed into their mouths...
passing a message, playing "broken telephone"...
last person have to guess what the message is!!

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☆★ Thursday, September 18, 2008

for those of you out there,
BAPE or BABY MILO lovers...just like me...
there is a shop in singapore!!!
name's "B*APE@PLAY"!!

  • $350 for a pair of BAPE shoes! [its super cool! trust me! got BABY MILO's logo on it!]
  • $60 for a BABY MILO keychain! [its like a toy!]
  • $148 for a piece of its awesome TEE! [gosh...you cant find fake ones for these designs!]
[just opened for a month or so...

Hahaha...during my trip in HK...
i managed to get myself and
my DMM BABY MILO stuff!!
this is the jacket i got!
say its HK$240...which is, S$43..
roughly... awww!! they even come with a package!!
hahaha...wei jun aka Issac and i really BARGAIN big time over there!!

and this is the tee i got!! haha..
its S$7....erm, bout HK$35..

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