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☆★ Monday, January 31, 2011

Want a phone that can send and receive a touch/blow/kiss? "ABSOLUTELY!" Haha, not that kind of blow. "What a piece of dung!" I'm with you. Just wait till you hear how it works. It's pretty nasty, yo.

"The first phone replicates touch by using a small motor attached to a cord that applies pressure to the back of the user's hand. Another cellphone simulates moisture using a wet sponge inside of the device that pushes against your lips. The last phone demonstrated blows a puff of air onto your neck or ear.

Hemmert thinks that the physicality of telecommunications will be very important in the future. He envisions a world where people will send a kiss over their cellphones instead of a text message."

By a show of hands, who here is actually willing to make out with a phone? Whoa -- that many?! Seriously? I -- wow -- I really didn't see that one coming. That squirrel this morning either. Stole my Twisties AND bit me. Now am scared i've rabies. Cooties too but I'm afraid to get tested.

check out the boring/sad video of guy talking about the phones below`~~~~~ ^^

His vessel... @ 9:18 PM


where should i start?

1.its my last year in poly, no, to be exact, actually my final sem.
[im gonna least grab a curry puff from old chang kee at the new building before i leave.]

2.my biggest show : danzation 2011's over! but it lives on.
[miss those precious moments. every moment of it. since day of 1 of prac till the last show on 8 jan 2011.]

3.i've started to fall for bubble tea.

4.YDANCE's been growing! damn glad it is!
[in quality and quantity...and it will keep growing]

5.FYP. been working on it. cant wait for final viva, so we can present everything we've whipped out for the past 1 year! then! GURDBYE MMA! no more!

6.time to pursue the FUNKSIDE.

ahhh. thats wht i can think of now.

anyways, i hope i dont kill this blog again. hahaha.

His vessel... @ 9:06 PM


maybe i shd change the blog skin and that guy's picture, damn whack.

His vessel... @ 9:01 PM


its been 1000 years since i updated this blog.
thanks k'ren. think i should start blogging again.
hahaha! stay tuned.

His vessel... @ 8:56 PM