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☆★ Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yes...here i am to blog again~
Hah! For the past few days, i have been busy
with assignments and projects and research!!
Thats why, ahahah, no time to blog... = |

Well, i have got this module...Drawing Fundamentals [DRF]..
Realli madness..we gotta like come up with 5 sketches each week..
like for last week, we gotta do 5 sketches of still-life objects...
[with shading and all..] actually, i thought it was ok for me as
i did drawing before and i love it... but i have just met my class....
and they ARE COMPETITIVE! wahahah...and even better than me!!
chinese saying,"yi shan bi yi shan gao"..... [ you thought you were good,
until you met someone better than you.]

Below are 2 of the sketches i did......

Ahhh....aint that good....Anyways, i have got a load of sketches/drawings to do
for my first year in MMA....and i have to EXCEL in this MODULE if i want to specialise in

but i thank God BRANDON got an "A" for that subject during his ite days....
he's my "saviour" for this module! Bro, you gotta help me!!!]

And next week, we gotta hand in 5 sketches of INTERIOR LAYOUT of our home!!!!
[this is seriously getting difficult....in class today, i cant even draw out the perspective image of the classroom.....whats more? my home!!! hahahah, with furnitures everywhere, or even the toilet, things are everywhere.....ahhaha, times like these, how i wish i was living in a house with only 4 walls.........0_o"]

whatever it is, i am just gonna give my best.....~!!!!

Also, for Interdisciplinary Studies [IS] module, i am the GROUP LEADER....!!!
Hurray!!!~ [i mentioned it somewhere in my previous posts...] And my group is researching
on this interesting topic, "ANIMATION"....[hahah, its really to my advantage...as the rest of
my team mates are not from ICT but ENGINEERING...so its like i am able to acquire some
knowledge about my course, with their help of course, hehehe............................okok, don't think i am a bad guy.....the whole group agreed on this topic, willingly and happily!]
Next week, we gotta submit our 25% coursework assignment already!!! its actually COMPOSITION WRITING [on our topic, which is ANIMATION.]
....its marked according to language, grammer, etc..... hahaha..i must score for this!!
gotta go prepared next TUES!! [i must do my research on my topic...]

This coming friday, i have to submit another assignment......
a REVAMP MAGAZINE ARTICLE LAYOUT under Graphic Design Fundamentals [GDF]
wow!!!! i am gonna complete this later......
oh..its LABOUR DAY TODAY!!!!!!
[oh, sorry.....it was something random..]
i will spend this day finishing up my outstanding assignments...!!!!!

hahaha, is that alot of work?
well......good thing is there's no more theories exam like what i had in ITE, or HIGHSCHOOL..
but the amount of projects......just keeps piling up and up and .....yeah... hahah...
[gotta handle this well, cos more work is coming along the way...gotta mentally prep myself.]

OH!! Btw, remember i mentioned bout this dance cca, NRA?
yupp...there's update on their blog!!! [nradance.blogspot.com]
AUDITIONS!!! NEXT THURS - SAT.....I am surely going to give it a shot!!!
James and Patricia from my class are going for the AUD too...

Date: 8/5/08(Thursday) and 9/5/08(Friday)
Time: 6pm (registration starts at 6pm)
Venue: Studio 73 (the room next to 73-02-25)

And the requirements for the audition are as follows (:

- -Long pants and covered shoes

- -No slippers no skirt

- -No caps and accessories

- -Do not be late

- -Registration fee of $5

There's a need for the registration fee because there will be an
instructor teaching all of you the choreography.
More details will be given on the audition day itself.
Till then, see ya guys during the audition(:

[from what was extracted from the blog above, it says there's an instructor teaching us the choreography on that day itself..........phew, i thought we have to whack our
own set of moves or smth.....but if they suddenly ask us to do freestyle......wahhhhhhh..........
no, no...i better do some recaping of some old moves.....GOD, gotta help me man....i am no dancer for sure, even if i have perform before and is exposed to it.......but NRA only takes in GOOD DANCERS.....basically with dance background...]

James, Pat....lets give it our all! 5buckies for the AUD FEES.....no harm!
i will make it IN!!!! ....stay tuned, i will post up the results...wish me the best, people!! = )

okay, some NP YUMMIES for you to check it out....

This is Omelette Fried Rice....
not too bad, with chili and some gravy, its tasty!
Only $2.50...yeah, from CANTEEN 1...eyahh....

I know....this is another good buy!!
Only $2.80.....whats good about this oriental noodle w/ egg,
is its gravy!!!! oOoOoOoOOooo....its smells great! And the chicken chunks,
yeah, chewy and tender!!! TRY IT.........[errr, only if you come over??]

Talking about coming over to NGEE ANN POLY......

Look!!! its JOSHUA & DK....yeah, we took this photo at "ourspace @ 72"!
Its a chill out place in my school...yeah, i got him over for a meal and some touring around!!
Hahaha....he tried the famous KAKI FUYONG RICE!! He "KNOCKED-OUT" after eating it...
meaning he was like "OH....ITS MAX NICE LA!" He certainly didnt regret his trip from woodlands to bukit batok.....hahahah.....
Well, sheep....wana come to NP after your Os??

Before i end my entry, last sunday, we had our ULM [Unit Leader's Meet] @ Joo Chiat
Office.....yeahhhh!!! And we celebrated our dear beloved Ps Shirls's birthday!!! It was so so cool la!!! She really loved it.....and THANKS TO DEBBIE and SHANTEL for organising it all!!
It was simply fantastic.....!!!

[how the whole surprise actually worked out.....we ended ulm, had a short birthday celebration for shirls-prayer, birthday song, and close....so shirls thought we ended the celebration here....not until Debs brought her out .......and then all of us ULs decorate the whole RHEMAR ROOM to a PARTY ROOM!!! then when the que was given, yi qin went to fetch shirls back.......blindfolded her.....its when our mighty joyce tan carried shirls up the stairs! lights off, when blindfold is removed, SURPRISE!!!....simply love the idea!!!]

My favourite part is where there's this WINE POURING CEREMONY [you know those
you see in weddings?....the one the couple pour the wine from the TOP and it flows down to the rest of the glasses??]
There's meaning to this ceremony!!

According to SHANTEL,
the NAMES of ALL the ULs are labeled underneath each glass cup.....

so when shirls pour the
sparkling juice, it symbolises her
anointing flowing down to all the uls,
whatever she teaches, we receive
.....and it shows we are

[yeah, so we took our own cup home after drinking it.......watch below for

Yep...thats our beloved Shirls~!


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☆★ Monday, April 21, 2008

Its my 2nd week in school..
well, and projects and assignments are already pilling up...
wahh!! and...i'm only a year 1 student...

seriously, i have to learn how to cope and handle the 
workload coming along with my other commitments..
guess thats the only way i can "grow"...and learn how to
survive in the real working in time to come..

oh yeah, i'm also appointed as one of the project leader...
which means...pressure man!!! but...i can call the shots of where 
and what time to meet..i will ensure the whole team works hard 

thats my course!! MMA~ "27-04" means block 27, 4th floor.. its where my classroom is.

now thats something cool for you to see.... the handprints...
yeah, its all of us MMA students, year 1 to 3..

yupp, u guessed it, thats the print of my cool palm!! 
if you zoom it in, you can see my beautiful
name at the lower left hand corner...

And now.....time for dk's makansutra session.....!!!!

Okay! "Kaki Fuyong Set"...a japanese meal. 
This, my friends, is Ngee Ann Poly's Canteen 1 TOP MEAL!!
Its ranked #1~ at first.....i didn't believe it till i go try it myself...

Oooooo....just by looking at it....doesn't it make you wanna drool?
The miso soup's fantastic, you can add pepper to it and those red bits of chilli,
i dunno whats it called [the one yoshinoya provides] but it smells really good!
And the rice, it just makes you wanna go for another bowl...you know what i mean?
The best of all, the omelette with the chicken chunks, its with teriyaki sauce!!
You eat it this way, wrap the chicken with the egg, together with the rice,
into your mouth, and...."MMMMMmmmm!!!" 
*Only 3bucks....wanna come to NP ? hahaha...

There.....our Ngee Ann Poly's Legendary Chicken Cutlet....
Smell's great, coleslaw not bad [can compete with KFC's standard], 
the tomato beans is like any other normal beans...
fries, okok, but the cutlet is simply crispy and chewy!!! nice!!!
only 4buckies....can try it!! its at canteen 3!

Alright, soon to come, more yummies will be posted for you delight....

Anyways, last saturday, it was a great time of fellowship with my 
beloved "NORTH" family... ahahhaha.... THANKS TO JOYCE & HER TEAM!!!
the district huddle was really fun and NORTH ENJOYED it!!! 
It was a speedy game, and we need to run to 4 locations...and take pictures,
hahahah...well, my team was the first to go...! An qi was really good, she guessed the riddles right so quickly!! all of us ran as quick as we could...and we got 1st!!!
The prize was really attractive, good notebooks [not the computer..] pens and highlighters..
Below is a picture we "CHAMPION" [the name of our group] took at the end of the event!


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☆★ Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heya, this here is my school's logo....

yup..its purple alright.... hahaha.... i'm an ICT student...!!! ICT, ICT, go, go, go!
okay....whatever....anyways....below is a clip.... its my class's forfeit!!! wahahahah!!
i went to shoot it down.....its 2 of my classmates, running along the corridor shouting,
"M31!", "M31!", "M31!"....... ahahaha......as you can see, its a really long hallway...

yeah....enjoyed it? hahaha....okay okay....
anyways, i have been appointed as a leader for one of my project group....
wahhh!! so fast right? yeah, been given assignments and projects already....and its
only the first week of school.....goodness!! well, i foresee more work load to come
anyways.......besides, i'm in MMA....what can i expect? hahaha..... i really gotta be
so, so motivated to excel in this course man!! diploma, here i come!

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☆★ Monday, April 14, 2008

Its my first day to school!! whahahha~

[guess what? i didnt sleep the whole of last night!!
its madness i tell you~ firstly, i did my quiet time,
then i wanted to sleep already....but i was so so awake and fresh!!
so bk and i went out to have our supper....at our nearby 24hr KPT!
we both had wanton mee [heaviest noodle ever...cos it weighs "1-ton"....
errr......ok, nvm..] afterwhich, we went home.......still!!!! i cant sleep..
so bro and i played some songs with our guitars....i used "key's" git...
and snapped one of its strings......ouch! sorry ah....will fix it back. anyways, before i knew it,
sun's out...and i'm ready for school!!......i didnt sleep!!!! must be my body's "biological clock"..
it got used to the late nights i knocked out..thats why when i attempted to sleep early
last night....i could'nt!]

but i wana share with all of you!!
his message i received
brightened up my day!!!!
it goes like this,
"first day of school, shepherd.
jiayou! shine for jesus! be the little
red dot
that shines brightly in the map!

-sent by joshua,
my sheep @ 7:11am...
when i'm on my way to school.


hahaha..OK, so we had some "student services" and "administrative/disciplinary"
matters to cover in the lecture hall in the morning..... then, we learned more bout our
modules, how much credit points each course work/assignment carries...know when are their
deadlines, and bout the 2 specialisation at the end of year1....that we all "FRESHIES" can get
to choose.....

1.3D Animation-----for this, we gotta excel in drawings and principles of animation...
2.Interactive Media----this, programming and web design....
*not to forget, both gotta come with our own portfolios! *portfolios are like so so important if we want to excel in MMA.

oh then comes lunch....or should i say late breakfast....bout 11am....
we had prata @ canteen 3....its nearest to my ICT school block...

okok, here it comes!
the prata was simply.....awesome!!!!
the plain one was normal in size, but max crispy!!! [its 0.60cents]
hey, check this out...the egg one is ...humongous!! [its only 1dollar!]
and the curry....is not ordinary curry...its like a paste...quite thick, but max
delicious~~!!!! makes you wana whack another 3-4 more after your 1st 2 pieces...

how can i not share such good stuff....
i took it down with my beloved w580i for you all to see!!!!
[but cant eat la....except u guys wana come over NGEE ANN POLY, ICT BLK... haha~]

[thats the HUGE EGG PRATA i'm talking bout!!]

[now thats the comparison!!]

okay, thats all for MAKAN-SUTRA with DK @ NP 's CANTEEN... STAY TUNED FOR MORE YUMMIES!!!

oh well, after lunch, we went back to class, did a little mini project,
with storyboards, and frames-drawings....and ended off with a presentation!
thats that for day 1....phew!

we also had this "CCA FIESTA" going on for these 2 days....
my friends and i went round to check it out earlier today..but
nothing really interests me...except for NRA HIP HOP DANCE club...
but they just simply passed me a little ice cream stick....
on it,"check out nradance.blogspot.com for more"..........err.........ok.

okay!!! other than food...this is another picture i wana post up....

[its my NGEE ANN ORIENTATION STUDENT UNION ICT free goodie bag....
why i post this up? cos i wana auction it?? hahhahaha.....no la, but anyone wants this?
its the colour ba....hahaha, i dun really enjoy purple? yeah....so anyone? going once? twice?.............hahahah.]

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☆★ Friday, April 11, 2008

Today is my school's Induction Programme day!
Btw, i'm in the school of infocomm technology...
ICT in short! My course is Multimedia and technology!
MMA in short~!!

YES!! Today's the day i've been waiting for...
ahahhahaha....yeah, and it was indeed
a long and tiring day!!

To cut the story short...
My class is 0831... WAHAHA!!
[08 means the year we're enrolled, and 31....well, class no.?]
My Mentor's name is Eric..
[He's one big guy...puts alot of pressure on our first day already..
says we're gonna get "hell" for one of the modules he's taking us.
but over *lunch, had a chat with him...he's not a bad guy afterall..
good thing is he wants us, year1s to produce work that trashes the year3s...
thats unleashing our potential!!]

*lunch...oh, it suck...its catered...
i had a terrible tummy ache after i had it..

Oh and i got my time table, my student ID card [which enables
you to borrow books from the library, use the NP's facilities,
and it also acts as an attendance tracking device!]
a purple coloured [not my type of colour...its the school's theme colour btw]
goodie bag with cool stuffs inside such as usb cables? clock? okay...
and we got 2 ICT shirts!! [1 is our school shirt, the other is a P.E. shirt]
lemme see...what else......

okay, and we had games the whole afternoon....
goodness.....cheers, running around, putting flour on our faces, there's even
charade...and photo jigsaw puzzle...etc...basically some team building games..

thats not the whole point...
best of all...
is i made 2 NEW FRIENDS!!
ahemm....lemme introduce them to you~

-first person i talked to in class.
-he was from Inova JC, but got "kicked out" cos he smoked...[urgg...thats erm...]
-we kinda like sticked together thru-out the day.
-we called each other "brother" ~!! [like know each other for long...]
-went back together too~
-even arranged to meet up on
monday to go to class together.

2.Li Yun
-she's from Kuo Chuan Prebyterian Sec~ [my secondary school!]
-she asked me bout some of the juniors, i actually knew them!
-oh, she sticked with us throughout the day as well.

Apparently, the other classmates....know them by faces.....for now..
looking forward in building the relationship with this class..
we're like gonna stick with each other for bout 3 years....
[unless different specialization in the course]
yupp...as usual, the "SEED" has to be planted... = )

DK, jiayous!! God put me in NP, in this particular SCHOOL, in this particular COURSE,
and in this particular CLASS...for a reason... = ) i always believe that!! hahhahah..

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☆★ Thursday, April 10, 2008

the time now is 4.05am...
just gotten out of bed...
made myself a cuppa ''yin yang''
[coffee + tea..is that what you called it?]
read the bible....then here am i, blogging..

actually, i have been awake since 2am.
i wasn't feeling too well earlier, serious flu...cold...
must be the rain, i was out today, without umbrella,
and yeah, got a litle drenched.

man, been having sleepless nights lately...
God, you wana tell me something?

anyways, have been pondering as well...
friendship is really an important part of our lives.
one quote that i can totally agree with is...

“Friends are God's way of taking care of us”

its having people who are there for you,
accepting you for who you are and not what you do..
deep friendship gotta be developed.
you cant just snap your fingers, and ''poof",
he or she is my best friend.
doesn't mean someone you are comfortable with...
you declare that person as your buddy...or best friend..
what i define deep friendship is..
one that speaks truth into your life as well...
they are the ones that truly cares.
both you and your friend, things just work out naturally...
such as having a meal, going out shopping, or even chilling...
you don't need to make it an agenda to meet the person...
he or she just becomes part of your everyday life...
its like school or work, you don't need to plan for it...
"i need to plan to go to school tomorrow."
but of course, i need to be a good friend myself..

well, just remembered this saying from a
disney cartoon we're all familiar with...

“If you live to be 100,
I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day,
so I never have to live without you.”

-Winnie the Pooh

My loyal and best friend forever,

His vessel... @ 1:05 PM

☆★ Wednesday, April 9, 2008

was just thinking as i was traveling to meet my DMM earlier...
[DMM = Dk's Mighty Men...Muauahahaha!!]

i took bus 161, the only bus from my house to woodlands!
but its a mad ride down, about 45mins - an hour.
so what i can do is to plug in my mp3 to listen!
[but i don't have it with me now, its with my 'sheep', joshua!
guess he needs it more than i do now... gotta put in audio sermons
for him too!]

this question came by,
"who are the ones that will appear in your mind
when you're going through a crisis or a tough moment?"
[lets say, first 3 persons? .....could it be your parents, friends, buddies, who?!]

mine are kinda random though.
but i know these faces will appear..
My Ma, My brother, Daniel/Sharlene, and my DMM = )
.....thats quite alot.. but they are the ones that plays a 'special role' in my life..

i guess whoever appears, they are the ones that influences us in a way or another.

Lemme introduce you to my DMM first before i go on...

[from left clockwise, we have Jogina Mak Wan-er aka Domnique! our fashion-queen,
Valerie Chua Wen Ying aka Elyssa! Miss 'smell shadow', who loves to enjoy good food!!
then we have Peok Wan Ting aka Adelphe! DON'T let her looks deceive you, people!
you should hear her when she scream or laugh, i got a hard time differentiating...
and our Wonder Boy, Joshua Yap Tian Zhun! He's my 'sheep'!! In which i mentioned above.
...as charming as the one in the centre.....yupp, ahem, yours truly!]

There you go, thats my DMM. They are my TEAM, my FRIENDS, and whom
i spent most of my time with too~ just want to let the 4 of you know [if you're reading this]

We had our dinner @ Causeway Point Foodcourt.....
it was Jog's first week of school @ RP! She was sharing that her presentation
today didnt go too well, heys, no worries, its just your first week, jiayous!
Wan Ting came late as she got rehearsal in school.
She's playing PIANO this friday on stage for her school's speech day!
WOW!! Jiayous yah!? You can do it, don't be nervous!! You're already good at it...
Afterwhich, i taught a lesson on "how to spot & raise up leaders"
....a little smth on discipleship.
By right, we're to do our Quarter 2 planning for our CGs..
well, we decided to do it on this saturday instead....yupp....
Oh ya! we have our monthly prayer meeting this sat too! 9am @ Istana Park!
this has gotta hit home....been planning nights for it!

We went to cold storage to grab Yoggurt....actually only Valerie got it...
we tried a little, its pretty sour!! but that flavour wasn't that bad...mango aloe vera! yumm!!
will get it next time!!! wahahah!!!~

Before we go, Joshua & Wan Ting decided to head towards Blk 768 Mac @ Admiralty to finish
up their homework... yeah... hahaha, Jog, Val & me...we are all in our new phase of life!!
Poly life? hahaha...its gonna be cool....

Y'noe? Since 2 years back, when i started army.....i have always been counting down to this
day when i can finally start school again....and this time, POLY!!
[sorry ah, bk...hehe....your turn will come!]
Wahahahah......dunno why am i so excited to study again..
man....this friday, i gotta attend my induction programme @ Ngee Ann Poly...
then next monday.......SCHOOL COMMENCES!! hahahaha.....

okokay, am hungry already...gonna have supper now....
also, gonna shave my head tomorrow....wahahaha....school starting, must kuai kuai..
till then... = )

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☆★ Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Firstly, lemme tell introduce to you............

So what is Bape?

Bape is short for A Bathing Ape.
It's a clothing company started by Nigo
(Nigo is a nickname that means the number 2. His real name is Tomoaki Nagao) in 1993.
The company was started in Harajuku, Japan under the name Nowhere Inc.
The companies main office is now located in Tokyo, Japan.

Where does the name A Bathing Ape come from?

After not having success selling other brands in the original bape store in 1993 Nigo and his partner decided to start their own clothing line. They name the clothing brand 'A Bathing Ape', after one of their favorite movies "Planet of the Apes".

Who buys Bape clothes?

Bape is very popular in the rap and hip-hop industry/culture.
Many famous people wear Bape clothes, like:

  • Pharrell
  • Kanye West
  • Lil Wayne
  • Jay-Z
  • Notorious B.I.G.
  • Lupe Fiasco
  • Jadakiss
  • Robin Williams

Why are bape clothes so expensive?

Bape clothes are so expensive because of the limited amount produced
and the high demand for them. The clothes are highly detailed, and very unique aswell.

What is Baby Milo?

Baby Milo is an extension of the 'A Bathing Ape' brand. Baby Milo is very simialar to Bape, but the clothes are more colorful and random. They usually contain kids themes as well.

These are some of their products!!

Pink BAPE Hoodie!!!

BAPE shoes, ''SPIDERMAN'' edition!

Baby Milo caps....

Yah, seen enough? hahaha..

I got few of the BAPE stuffs!
such as a BAPESTA new era cap & a BABY MILO glitter shirt
[bought it at Malaysia, KL]
also got 1 GREEN BAPE hoodie from Thailand!
Well, its a pity Singapore don't have a BATHING APE shop...
but i heard Heeren got one, didnt check it out though... haha!
You can get their products at Bugis i guess, fake ones, whole lotta em.....
it doesn look as nice as the ones i got from abroad..

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Its finally done!!


thanks Jinlin!
for helping me start it~

Hahaha.. this would be my very first entry~
Gotta make this blog alive...man...
it will be filled with what i personally go through in life,
the things i learned, stuffs i wana share...well,
its not gonna be easy for me to regularly update it...
as i don't keep a diary.........wait, i did so a few years back...but not now.
Once you ignore it, you lose the 'momentum'..
then you won't wana blog anymore!
then it'll be a dead blog~

Well, i've got so much 2 post!
Then again, i am not good at bloggin' and all these html stuff~
but like what jinlin said, grab the book ''html for dummies''......
hmmm...i don't think that i am that bad... least i know some basics...
ehhh.....like, mmmm.....okok, i need assistance la.
i've seen blogs that has really interesting gadgets like clocks, calenders, fade out screen...
hahaha...will definitely upgrade my blog as time passes...

okay, will be back to start bloggin'...

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☆★ Monday, April 7, 2008

first to post!
thank me thank me haha.
jinlin here:D

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