the unforced rhythm
______of grace

☆★ Saturday, May 31, 2008

this is a video i want to share to all~
watch and learn. = )

"why are you all clapping? i am talking about you..."
-this line "godsmacked" me straight...

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☆★ Wednesday, May 28, 2008

heya! well, i love dancin' and in school, SHUFFLING seems to be the IN-THING.
whhahaa...but it seems like the bengs love doing it, y'know, disco, fierce hardcore trance,
and they just hit the dance floor with their shuffles! here's a clip from youtube....they are SIMPLY AMAZING!!

"melbourne shuffle" for you guys!!~ ENJOY!!!

cool, huh?!

And now's here is a clip showing how crazy my classmates "shuffling" in class!!!~
Introducing......Jackson and Idham.....!!!!


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☆★ Sunday, May 25, 2008


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hey people out there...
i got this special song i would like to share.
it comes along with a very powerful testimony at Hillsong United Church.
FYI: Hillsong United is Hillsong's YOUTH group. = )

[they're way cool! Jesus freaks ALL AROUND THE WORLD!
let's SHINE4CHRIST everywhere we go!]

*as you listen to the song, read the testimony as well.
it ends off with "one way" rehearsal. = )



One thing I know
Is that you've changed my life
I give you my all
All you are is good

Give you my heart
Cause it's only you I seek
Give you my praise
Cause I believe in you

Look cross the world
And let us shine for you Lord
The whole world is Your and I
Want to live for You oh God

All that I know
Is that you've changed my life
I give you my all
All you are is good

Carry the lost
Make my prayer in this life real
Carry my cross
Hold on 'til I see you
I want to live You
I want to love You more
I want to be used

Father in all of the world
May Your word be heard
May it stay on my lips
To live what I speak
Until Your kingdom come

"it's amazing, it's like all your friends, just in one place, just worshipping God."

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☆★ Thursday, May 22, 2008

He had no servants, yet they called Him Master.
Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher.
Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer.
He had no army, yet kings feared Him..
He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him.
He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.

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☆★ Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hahaha...okay, this week's yummy goes to .....

Yes...MEE SIAM! Not any ordinary one...
Hahaha...tasted the best so far, near my place! Punggol 24hours KPT!!
its $2.20~ Yummy!

OKAY!! Time to recommend
this KNOCK-OUT food outlet @ The Cathay...
Basement 1.... take a lookie!

Seen it before? If not, you soon will....in the next couple of days~!
In short, MJL, a hong kong snack outlet... hahahah.... its a KILLA!
[good things MUST SURELY share!]

MJL in action! And he is really doing a good job....why?

its HK milk tea ROCKS!
Sugar-rush!~ hahahaha...super nice!!!
Its $1.90 for small, $2.20 for large...i got the L!

Introducing.....the CHEESY BEEF FRIES!
You can never "get up" after whackin it!
Yuenhan and i was there to savour it~ And its....OoooOo..
After the first mouth, we looked at each other and went,
Its beef's really max JUICY and TENDER...
smells super nice! Fries were hot, melted cheese on it...
and it makes it all ...... 0 _ O''!!!
$4.50...its kinda costly, but surely worth!

Hahaha.... haven't really try out the others...
but from our "LOVE @ FIRST BITE"...
its one place i will definitely return for more!

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I just completed my 5 sketches human faces portraits...
i took a nap, bout 2 hours, then got up..well, been drawing it since 2am... now's 530am.
hah! lifestyle's like that ever since school started...
i may really be distant from "ZZZLAND" but i must never be distant from the Maker.
Wouldn't want to compromise QT or time spent with God, despite it all, i know He's seeing me through. Well....talking about QT, i am already half way through
[eh! all those who haven finish the NIV, better do it by this year! ahem, esp my DMM!~]
Soon, hahaha` will complete it and go on to another version....NLT perhaps? I have been studying in details as i read....like what Ps Jeff mentioned....journal down what we learn. yeah, humans are, at the end of the day, forgetful~ muahahaha...i'm a classic case! = )

something i learned recently...is that our lives revolves around routine stuffs, for example, school, work, even going for services, care groups....am i right? It is routine because thats what happens week in, week out. BUT...as believers, we MUST NEVER take the KINGDOM for GRANTED! [do i make myself clear?!] Ahem. Meaning to say, serving the LORD should be a lifestyle of worship and joy, NOT CHORE. We don't DRAG our FEET to care groups, do we?
You don't complain when you meet your sheep or shepherd, do you?
We serve because we love.
Ask ourselves why we do what we do...nobody forces us to, its our own decision~
Going to service, cg, shpd even wfl...nothing wrong with them, but serving God is not all bout those "events".. its about the very fundamental of christianity, your relationship with God.
When we serve, it should never be something routine, we are not ROBOT BELIEVERS...programmed to outreach or to praise and worship Him!

Value what He values, cherish what He cherishes..
Break my heart for what breaks His.

To my beloved crew, "NORTHB"...
the unit with Jesus Freaks all over WOODLANDS...
loving nothing but God & man, hating nothing but sin..
We build our lives on the W.O.R.D...
  • Word of God : the refree to our lives, Jesus is the word afterall! Living water, daily bread!
  • Ohana : NO ONE....EVER....GETS LEFT BEHIND. Spuring each other on towards the end!
  • Ready : being prepared in and out of season, for hardships, knowing Jesus leads the way!
  • D4RE : Determination 4 reaching everyone!!!! yesh, NOT ASHAMED of HIS NAME!~
and live by the vision, to see JF's in all our classrooms, schools,
causeway point and the whole of WOODLANDS!

Just wana say I AM PROUD of EVERYONE of YOU
for giving your lives to GOD...!! hehehehhe..... = ) i really AM!
Remember, when you give, give FULLY. Not half-heartedly.

""I love ('V") this NORTHB FAMILY!""

[you guys reading this!? hahahah....!!]

NorthB's achievements in their recent tests~!

Ben, audition pro~:
  • Top English! 75%/100%!!
  • Top CPA 95%/100%!!
  • Improvement in Chinese Lang!
  • Pass Math with flying colours!
David Sentosa, northb's hope for male singers:
  • Good grades for English & Combined Science!
Joseph, mr giggles:
  • Scored really well for English and Maths!!
  • CPA, TOP 5% in class!
Rebecca, the pinch-er?:
  • A1 for Math, A.Math and Science!
  • A2 for Humanities!
  • Pass Chinese Lang [B3] and English at last [C6]!!
Wan Ting, miss PEOK:
  • Improved L1R4 from 39 to 22!!
  • One of the 5 A1-scorers in class!!!
Jacq, joan-alike...whaha:
  • Distinction for English, Literature and Science!
  • Distinction for Chinese Lang and CPA!!
Shu Ping, miss raindown:
  • Improvement in English!!~
WOW...hahaha....amazing, aint it?
Keeep it up~!!! ^_^

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☆★ Monday, May 19, 2008

It was vesak day yesterday, yeah..streets were busy and people rushing to temples~
well, its like their "good friday", aint it? Anyways, our youth dance camp is coming up!
6days left...its called M.A.D camp! So cool la! [Maturing Aspiring Dancers!]
Was with Jia Li and Yen Li earlier, went to familiarise with the Bedok area for camp. We were talking about how much the dance team needa grow in spirit and commitment. I am part of this team, i gotta play my portion well and strong to build the team up!

After which, family dinner @ Riverside Point Restaurant...again, ahaha..the one which we went on mother's day~ this time, it was a treat from one of my dad's friend...so was told to tag along..
i mean, free food and family time, why not? wahaha....by that time, around 7pm....brother was already in KK for LC! He must really be enjoying there la! hahaha~! Learn well and share with us all when you return! = )

Took some photos near Riverside Point, as i was there early, the place seemed like a ghost town! gosh! was max quiet....

yeah, oh....and want to show you something...the toilet's sink!!

the TAP! its like a joystick!! wahahha....seen it before?? Maybe you did!
MAN.... i am like so "swaa-koo", typical singaporean! heh!

Another thing to share....we are finally SHIFTING TO ANOTHER HOUSE!
hahahahah...and its a NEW ESTATE! since primary 5....i have been living here in hougang
...its like 12 years already!
where? hahaha....just 15mins away from my current flat! along BUANGKOK MRT..!
[which also known to be within the SENG KANG vacinity]
family and i went to view the flat after dinner....its really beautiful la!!! its like some private residential area....with cool-looking fencing around the whole estate, basement carpark, and really spacious!!! Thing is, its ALMOST DONE!
  • There're shop houses to be ready, all below the apartment....
  • a 24hour NTUC w/ KOUFU [KPT]
  • max accessible as there're RAMPs for my dad to wheel and roam around!
  • BUANGKOK MRT is just like 5 mins away from our flat...
  • buses such as 27 and 43...right outside our flat..
dad said we should be able to move in before christmas! Wow! So so exciting man!! By then, house warming cum christmas party!! Surely, you be invited!! Or if you want to come take a look, feel free to ask me! hahaha.....but wait till we shift in la~
Also unlike other HDBs....ours have names to it! Aspella, Atrina and A....... ok, not too sure of the last one. Atrina's ours! [cool name!! can name my pet lizard that, ok i know, lame~!]
Anyways, fret not....there's pictures for you!! hahahaha...i wouldn miss out the best part for you!
As its at night...so quality kinda suck... will take better ones when i go for showroom viewing~

yahhhh...ATRINA! hahaha...i agree totally...
for life's little comforts!

Yeah...here's the "lobby" area...

letter box which goes A-ROUND..!

took this from the 5th storey~

our block number, 272B...B for Beautiful, Best and Blessed~

the lift~!!

as you can see....yes!! we are staying on the 7th floor!!

yeah...another overview!!
well, a day shot would be better!!

Anyways....thats about it! hahaha...really excited about moving in~ but definitely, it will be alot of hardwork...like the moving of furnitures, packing of stuffs....man...it will take days!!
hahahaha....but its good la! till then, ciao~!!

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☆★ Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heya, introducing the "OPEN GALLERY" in my school~
Its where all the best drawings are posted up here!
Something like...HALL OF FAME?
Some day, mine will be up there~! hahahah... arg! Gotta jiayou!

Well, erm, as you can see...the cat above.
Haha..its one of my class work.
Plenty of room for improvement~

Anyways, really wanna thank God for the past few assignments i did~
i mean, its really sleepless nights...and its one after the other.
madness! well, but He strengthened me, thus i could go on. ^^
Also, with His help, i managed to score the following:
  • DRF [drawing fundamentals] : 15/15 [for both still-life & perspective drawings]
  • PP1 [Portfolio 1] : A [for draft 1]
  • GDF [graphic design fundamentals] : Pass! [whoa...in which i re-do, initially was 5/100]
  • IS [interdisciplinary studies] : B [its compo writing for this one, can still rmbr i score a D for my O levels in english.... :| ] *look below* [erm, nth to boast about actually]

At the top right hand corner, not an "8"...its a "B".
Arg, lots of room for improvement!

Set my mind, i have better work hard this 3 years...cant afford to waste it!

Oh, by the way, yesterday, i had lunch with our buddy, De Wen!
We went to Canteen 4~ [the one which i wanted to go for quite some time already..]
It was before my IS class...so we had a great time of fellowship together!
He mentioned he's gonna take his BASIC THEORY tomorrow~ JIAYOU!
We had great food! Japanese Stall....BENTO SET! [can compete with Canteen 1's Kaki Fuyong!]
Not to mention, we had BANANA MILKSHAKE for drinks! YummY!!! = )
After the meal, i left for my class, and Dewen, for prayer meeting!


Here's BENTO SET! Only $3! Max worth it!
With teriyaki chicken [the sauce is a killer!]
and fried fish too~!!! Not forgetting the yummy egg~ and
miso soup!!! really....i must come to this canteen more often!
[thing is, its all the way behind.......gotta climb the mountain, swim the ocean to it..
no la, just 10mins walking distance from my block]

Something i want to show you...

"OurSpace@72"....Yeah, also known as "slack corner".
Its where students come to study, slack or sleep..
[yeah, 3 Ss']
Went there few times to do my assignments after school..
why 72? Its block number is 72.
But most of the time, "OurSpace" got NO SPACE..
always packed. -_-'' haha!!

Last but not least, on Mother's day [11th May] about 7pm...
My family and i went out for a great sumptuous meal @ Clark Quay Riverside Restaurant!
Its a time of family bonding and fun! I really cherish such moments with them!

Super Ma & Daddy-cool!
You both rock!!

Yeah, gorgeous lookin BK~! Wahahah!
And me! = )

YuMmY!! This the SEAFOOD SET we ordered!
Really filling!
and STINGRAY on the platter!


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☆★ Sunday, May 11, 2008

Have you seen this??
its "HERSHEYS!" chocolate drink!!!
took this photo at centrepoint's cold storage..
hahahah! to all you "HERSHEYS" lovers, go try this!!!
[but its about 7buckies for this carton!]

At Hong Kong Kim Gary...
ooooOoooo....any RAMEN lovers?
Typical la, but i just wana post this up...
cost bout 6buckies, its a restaurant, hahaha...thats why.
hey hey, but the soup rocks..noodles are soft tender, with chunks of chickens in it.
Korean noodles for you!

Also, FRIED DUMPLINGS! This is a killer!
Why? Its actually ketchup gravy..but no ordinary taste,
it just adds flavour to the dumpling! In it, veggie and minced meat!
Realli delicious!!! There's 5 in one serving! only 4buckies!!!

At my beloved school, NP Canteen 3!
ICE KACANG!! any typical kind you see at KPT right?
BUT, you know how much is it?
[but honestly, no one wants to keep whackin this dessert. once is enough.]

Sherms, they're for you!!


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Okay, to fill us in...some time ago, i wanted to find my passion for dance back.
Due to time constrain in ministry and studies, i could not be effective in my dance ministry.
Knowing that NP has this famous dance CCA, "NRA : New Revolving Age" [i typed it wrongly for the past few entries.] i told myself that I MUST GET IN! No matter how tough it is...
For dance, i always wanted to be venture deeper,
like to the professionals out there in the world...

i wanted to take part in competitions, to learn from them, to gain experience, then at the end, impact the kingdom. Its all for HIM. I can never dance. No background, nothing. Just interest at first...now, i want to find out whether is it my passion.

As i heard previously before the NRA auditions, they are not gonna take in NEW DANCERs this time round.. i was like, "wah.." Hmmm, all along, i heard NRA's really good, but thing is, they are quite arrogant in a way....u know like when one NRA crew member walks past, he carries the "NRA" aura and heads up 45degree...that kinda thing... well, i guess they got what it takes to be proud.....still, humility is key.

When i heard NRA opens up for audition slots, i set my mind already. Even if no one goes...
Then one of my friend came on that day, James. He, too wanted to join. So, on that actual day, the queue was long and when i was there, i took glances at the people, wondering how many of them are really professionals, how many not.

Then, this red baggy tee guy locked eyes with me [james's friend] and smiled...[no no, not gay]
so i smiled back, he asked, "you got any dance background?" i said, "not really."
He is Shawnald. He was with his 4 other friends. we did a little introduction the went on with the registration.....before we begin, we wished each other ALL THE BEST.
[my mind was spinning...telling me out of all these people here today, its either i'm in, or i'm not]

We paid 5buckies for the choreo teacher, took a photo of ourselvses...we got some cheap unofficial receipt for the money we paid...
so it goes like this, 45mins of learning the choreo, 1hour to find a place in NP and start recaping, then it starts auditioning in groups of 5.

I took the half an hour to actually pray...~
then the audition started, wahhh.....all the seniors were like seated in front of the 5 of us...
30-35 of them maybe? Stressful man....but i jus whacked~
seriously, i did what i can!!! i am no dancer, if my talent is dance, God, let me enter NRA.

i was number "C11"...in group C, the 11th person to audition. Then comes the results,
i was like, "ok, its all up to You." ..................."C11!.." ..............[i jus heard "C11" didnt i?]
hahaha!~~ cant believe it~!!! i was stoned! hahaha... really glad that i got in..!!
I will further develop my skills here, and definitely, if there's a chance, i will want to take part internationally. People out there needs to know who is the ONE that gives us this talent. They need to know the Maker. Its never about how good they are, but how good HE is.
Time to tell the world, we are the HEAD never the tail.

[check this out, a teaser...!! Don't drool, its madness, KABA MODERN rox!]

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In school, there are so many kinda unique people i see daily...
we have the...
  • japanese beng style [w/ really loud obiang colours dyed onto their hair, shirt and tie.]
  • geeks & bookwormies [the thick black framed spectacles dude]
  • going-to-party-but-no-party girls [whatever their body mass, they seriously dress to kill.....the old and elderly cleaners in school... its all sorts i tell you, their dressing... "to reveal" is their motto.]
  • hunkies [those guys come to school in singlets!!! bulging biceps, ok...but even those ribs-guys [skinnies] did so too...]
  • overdressed [yah, and we have the "christmas trees of NP"...which they cover themselves up with every accessories, clothes, caps, bandanas, shades, wahhhh.......their motto, "to wrap".]
well, no offence again....just that i find them adding colours and flavour to our school!
Oh, i mean, cant imagine everyone dressing up like me, shirt, jeans, thats all...sometimes,
berms...hahaha....like the slacker kind? then it would be boring~!!
perhaps, i should try GOTH or something...
can start by painting my nails black.... nah...... = }


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Due to what i have been through, be it high school, ITE, or NS..
the kingdom-building mentality has trained me loads, since the day i stepped
into HOPE. [which is 7years back~ man, long time yah?!] I thank HIM for the experience
i have gotten all these while...thanks everyone who brought and taught me through as well,
from JUN YAO [my first shpd] to KEY [current shpd], EC, DEWEN [my buddies], BK [my bro], MA & PA... even PRIS, EELEE, ZINC [ex-leaders] or YUENHAN, JOSH, ALVIN [sheeps] not forgetting my team-mates HOE, JOYCE, SHAR...my beloved Dk's Mighty Man crew hahaha.. JOSH, JOG, VAL, WANTING!
thanks for all~!! appreciate all of you in my life!!!
who i am is what you have done for me~ impacted me one way or another!
[i just enjoy thanking people!]

  • In High School, some of the things i learn is, how to deal with peer pressure and not to get into unhealthy relationships...be it joining the bengs & lians or BGR at the wrong time...time management between fun and studies..ministry...
  • For ITE, well, bout the same...just that discipline is more slack there...this stage is the second time i shaved botak! [before NS] = )
  • Then come NS, well, learned loads bout poilitics...this i really have to thank GOD for putting me where i was 2 years back. Most helpful learning phase of life so far.... [not to mention, i got my CLASS 3 DRIVING LICENSE at this stage too!!! hahahaha...]
Now its tertiary, aka, polytechnic life....well, back to school for sure! And.....it feels good la, especially after NS....2 years of GREENY COSTUMES...yukk... [no offence to those who loves green...] and ORDERS, and DUTIES, and......EXTRAS.....okok, back to school = fun! BUT,
sch work = suffering! Man, its madness~ my homework never ends...[was just sharing with my KEY for past few days....] in this course, its not like theory stuffs whereby you study your textbook and take the paper... but its about passion, inspiration, to design, to think, to produce work your lecturers expect it to be...if he doesn't, you either fail or you re-do everything.... unlike theories, you memorised it, you got it all down, its a sure pass....
i almost got a "5/100" for one of my modules....the whole class failed...only one pass, my friend got a "50/100".... so my MENTOR, ERIC, made us all re-do our assignment for that project topic.. so you see, in my course, like what ERIC said, "For a designer, if you got it, you got it. If not, forget it..." You see, it sounds harsh....but it is like that in the real world out there...
chinese say, "xian shi" ...meaning realistic. [did i get it right?]

The world sees results. Its very practical out there.

"Why would people hire you if they can get others to do what you can do? The company wants to see your x-factor, something you can do that others cant." said Eric.

Hmm... so i told myself this [before i enrolled into NP] my goal here is to excel.
i see sleepless nights ahead, work piling up non-stop, all sorts of fatigue, ahhh...~!
whatever it is, i am gonna do it~ He will see me through, i know that full well.

Another distraction here in school.
Naming the causes to distract you from the Maker...
[Friends, worldly fun, girls too...CCAs...]
You will get carried away if you are not careful.
Like for those who are single, its time to get a boyfriend/girlfriend...
[not only "oh, cos my friends or everyone else is having one." thing, but the age,
you will tell yourself, time to get one now. Or maybe you feel lonely, you want a companion.
Deprived? All these...once you're not on guard, "BANG!", into the devil's trap..]

*time to study, my friend, and serve HIM well~ No time to entertain these things....
and they might not be wrong things, eg. BGR [its for marriage, not a feeling thing] or friends..

*conclusion is this, if anything starts drawing you away from God,

you better stop and check your heart...then ask yourself, "What is it that is distracting me?"

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☆★ Saturday, May 10, 2008

its MOTHER'S DAY today, 11th May 2008!!
Wanna wish my beloved mama a blessed day today~
its been amazing how awesome my ma has really took care of me
all this while...its not easy, especially when she gotta deal with ME~
but i'm really really grateful to her for what she has done for me..
i truly respect her as my UNIVERSE'S GREATEST MAMA!
these are the following i learned from her~
  • hardworking [she is really good at this! house chores, even at her workplace, choleric lady~ at times she's so tired that she fell asleep while ironing clothes........]
  • sacrificial [waking up early just to KICK me outta bed, man, i need that!]
  • time conscience [this is what makes her a punctual mom, in which i sucked at managing my time!]
  • prioritise [she does this everytime she comes home, important stuff off the chest first! chores, dishes, yah, vacuum the house, then her favourite pastime, watching the TV.... .... i know what you're thinking...i help out too in the chores.....erm, yah..= )]
So to conclude it, i have got a SUPERMOM! She's simply God's gift to me! I love her and cherish her loads...[my papa too, not forgetting him] She plays the role of a housewife, she works, she supports the family.....GIVE SO MUCH, GAIN SO LESS.....only time she can relax is when everything is done, then she can finally watch her TV shows in peace....but thing is, by then, she will already be tired and sleepy....[in which most nights she will just doze off while the tv's on...] No worries, MAMA, GREAT IS YOUR REWARD in HEAVEN!
Other than JESUS, she is the next servant role model i want to model after.



= ) [smth i thought of...]

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☆★ Thursday, May 8, 2008

From Shirl's blog...
"This whole issue about feeling incapable is rubbish.
The truth is none of us is capable! The issue is not our incapability.
The issue is we've lost our sense of calling."

this is smth in which my conviction speaks out too..
At times we say that "Am i the chosen one?" "Am i cut out to be a leader?"
Or even..."God must have chosen the wrong person..."...
Should we even doubt God? If we question the above, we are "smacking" God in His face,
doubting His calling for us.
We can never be ready to do God's will....others might say, "I don't think i am ready yet."
The FACT is, we can never ever be fully ready....we start off as we are, we come to God as we are. The key here is willingness.....not bout capabilities!!

Remember, God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the call.

Oh, haven been blogging due to my hectic schedule...haha...got loads to post up.
but well, not tonight i guess...assignments to rush....oh but i have a GOOD NEWS!
I just came back from my NRA [New Revolutionary Age] Audition........thats what i mentioned on my previous entry.....and guess what.....???

[i really prayed and asked God for help...
its like i am not cut out to dance, its God who enabled me to do so...
and YAY!]

My audition number was "C11".....MY GOODNESS, when they read out the numbers who got in......i was like......."C9, C10, C11....!!!!!" Did i hear wrongly??
But they repeated like 3 times......hahah....THANK YOU JESUS!

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