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☆★ Thursday, April 16, 2009

Parishioners at a Protestant church in Vasteras, Sweden, kicked off Easter last week with the unveiling of a 6-foot tall, 30,000 piece LEGO Jesus!!
"It took the 40 volunteers about 18 months to put all the tiny plastic blocks together, and their creation shows a standing Jesus facing forward with his arms outstretched.

Church spokesman Per Wilder said the statue at the Onsta Gryta church in the central Swedish city of Vasteras is a copy of Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen's "Christus" statue on display in Copenhagen."

LEGO Jesus, now THAT'S smth!!
*HOOOORF* I think I see his ear!

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whaha....and it hides its LEDs.

The LED watch was designed by Hironao Tsuboi and
appears to just be a metal band!!

But it's actually hiding a deep, dark secret: LEDs.

Push a button, BOOM: the time.
Don't push the button, BOOM: no time.
Push my buttons, BOOM: fisticuffs.

just kidding``!!

check out the product site for more.

Product Site

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i found smth really dope on the net.
and this has to do with my work!
yesh, its stop motion!

this is really smth.
you must stop and see.

its done by this japanese, takeuchi taijin.

"At first I photographed stop motion animation. And I displayed the photographs in my room and photographed it again. Enjoy a connection with the world of the room and the world in the photograph."

I tried to count the number of photos used to make the video, but I lost track around a trillion. Seriously, this stuff's the chronic! impressive!

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☆★ Sunday, April 5, 2009


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