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☆★ Saturday, January 24, 2009

[a picture i took @ Sentosa,
at the top of the tower of SOUTHERN MOST PART


am here to blog again!
which is my very first post of 2009!
yesh, today.... CHINESE NEW YEAR's EVE....
dk's blog is revived! hahah``

kaes, been busy with school work all these while,
projects, assignments and more and more assignments!
haha, but my long break's coming!
its like coming to the end of our semester soon!
so to all poly students, jiayous~

just to update.
my brother has completed his BMT!
yessah! congrats bro! time to move on to your vocation!
on the 22nd Jan 09, the day of BK's POP, [passing out parade]
yuppp, i got this "babe" along with us to HOME TEAM ACADEMY!

before that, i went to school with "her" too

bet u'll drool! hahahha..
'she' is dressed in white and wears golden shoes!
her name, "impreza". this "baby" can realli "run"!


whats there at the ceremony?
well, a speech by some big shot, high ranking senior officer or smth,
watch the parade with drills [sedia, senang diri, pledge,
singapore's anthem [only malay song i know!!!!], marching]
but the best part is when we see the whole squad jumped and shouted "POP LOH!"

after which, we had refreshments!
[erm, ok la, bee hoon, ngoh hiang, sotong balls, and...chicken wings!]

yeahh, was a day they've all been long waiting for..
BK, all the best in ur future endeavours`
esp working alongside CID and taking up a new crew!!

yesterday, the ALIVE crew had our mini reunion session together @ istana park!
whahahah...was great! picnic style, we got food from long john, cold storage, foodcourt..
then jus whack em altogether! we kept passing food around, sharing em` hah!

check this out...

some more with a COOKIE on top!
this is what VAL and her crew made for me!!
aww... ai xin lunch laa!!

"ALIVE" pose` yeehaaa!

"gong xi fa cai"!!!

[this is "you rock" in korean!]

truly, ALIVE aint no family and cant be complete without each and everyone of you.
thanks for giving me this awesome privilege to lead every single one of you.
bear with me as i improve.
am grateful that God placed you guys in my life
watching each of you, the potential i see is overwhelming.
you guys can do so much!
continue to be ALIVE in the 3 'S' !!
WE ARE "ALIVE", always rmbr that`
CG08, lets make impact in our schools and leave HIS "footprints" everywhere we go!
have a great CNY, people!

HAHAH, this is as much as i can update so far.
more to come.
hahah, today's CNY's eve.
and i am gonna do my homework!
hahahahah.... later got tuan yuan dinner....
i mean reunion dinner @ grandma's place!
so mus quick pia now!!

btw, this is a a signboard of a bread shop near my house.
"bread of life" gosh... some more got versE!
inside the shop, you can listen to P & W la!
they got this verse labelled on their plastic bags!
hahha...what a amazing way to out reach!!!!

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