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☆★ Wednesday, February 25, 2009

speaking of getting FAT...check these treats out!

Candy Pizza

Pizza covered in caramel and chocolate sauce, topped with miniature marshmallows, gum drops, M&M’s, coconut flakes, candy hearts and a candy fried egg plus chopped pecans.

Big Mac-Chicken With Cheese

A McDonald’s Big Mac with cheese, but with fried McChicken patties instead of buns.

Egg n’ Ham Sammich

A regular ham and cheese sandwich but topped with 11 sunny-side up egg yolks.

Deep Fried Cupcake With Chocolate Syrup And Sprinkles


you want more??

here's the link.

see a bunch of more delectable treats from thisiswhyyourefat.com
that will stop your heart before you can say yummy.

no joke, the site's really thisiswhyyourefat.com.

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☆★ Tuesday, February 24, 2009


These are apparently sushi rolls made to look like US president Barack Obama. I think I speak for all of us when I say: the president has never tasted so good. ``HIYO`` ^^


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see what we've got here.

Ever tried reaching your hand up through the door at the bottom and stealing candy from vending machines???

Guess what?!

Now KIT KAT has decided to call in the big guns: namely, human vending machines!!

Don't expect these things to pop up on every street corner though; they are part of the 'Working Like a Machine' campaign that's being run by Kit Kat to show how people need a break from the monotony of day to day life.

The idea was stolen from Japan like everything else that is awesome in the world and makes me want to stick my hand up in a machine more than ever. Whatever, human vending machines need love too. Hahaha..


In Japan...

Coca-Cola has these oversized robots lumbering around Tokyo and pinching the heads off anyone that doesn't buy an ice-cold Coke from its cooling chamber!!! whahahah...
Has anybody seen one? Do they actually walk around? Is there really just a person about to pass out from heatstroke in there? Has anyone tried knocking one over and grabing all its change in it? I need answers. But what I don't need is a giant robotic vending machine in my neighborhood. I do like Coke though. Who I don't like is Dr. Pepper -- I think that creep tried to touch me when I was under the gas.

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oh my gosh...
you have to see this.

The barreleye (Macropinna microstoma for you ichthyologists) is a deepwater fish that has a see-through, fluid filled head in which it moves its eyeballs. And that, dear reader, is freaking awesome.

Barreleyes, just a few inches long, are thought to eat small fishes and jellyfish. The green pigments in their eyes may filter out sunlight coming directly from the sea surface, helping the barreleye spot the bioluminescent glow of jellies or other animals directly overhead. When it spots prey (such as a drifting jelly), a barreleye rotates its eyes forward and swims upward, in feeding mode.
wahh, thats simply freaky!

look below for reference!


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heys peeps,
check this out.

street jazz's dope!
a'drey's choreo for "poker faCe" by Lady GaGa!

mus share this joy~
i kept watching it, wan2 learn!
hahaha, xin ru's was the first one whom i shared this joy with!
she's nuts bout it too!! hahahha...

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☆★ Thursday, February 19, 2009


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☆★ Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this is smth i sketched..
arrgg...tried to take a pic with my mac's photobooth..
but quality sux big time. hahahaha....
anyways, yupp..post it up just to share.

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☆★ Sunday, February 15, 2009



A hip hop term that describes something that is excellent
or extremely cool such as music, fashion, people, etc.



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☆★ Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eh, this is not exactly the best...but its one of the work pieces i did in school!
flipbook animation!

if you guys dunno whats going on, its actually this person walking towards the ball,
picked it up, then run and jumped off the wall, throwing a ball
into a hoop, and ending with a pose. = )

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☆★ Monday, February 9, 2009

heya, this is a post about an update of
whats happening in my life! wahah.

okay, here goes.

i am approaching towards the end of my FIRST YEAR in MMA!
yesssh! finally get to change class. erm, no la.
its jus that in YEAR 2, we got specialisation.
and mine, is 3D animation! i want to draw more la...
[well, erm, not really. i use to love drawing. but ever since i
joined MMA, it becomes a phobia. compared to the other
specialisation, which is, IM, Interactive Media, where
there will be loads of programming... i rather DRAW!]
NOW, there's only one more module left... which is PSP!
[YAH, and u think its playstation portable, ITS

if i dun study for that, i will surely bite the dust.

goal, GPA 3.5 !!

i thought i only have to focus on that module,
when my classmate called me up and informed me that
our beloved teacher wants us to RE-DO our SSS!
[storytelling & scriptwriting module, consist of
drawing, drawing and more drawings!] man...
i really dun wan2 re-draw liao.. haha...
and the deadline submission is this friday, 13th feb,
1300 hrs! where got time to do swee swee one!?

went to school today, consulted my teacher...
and thank God she mentioned that for me,
i need to do some touching up of shadings and

anyways, DK [its daryl kang, not don't know] mus do well man.
looking at my teacher's work... really gives me stress.
hahaha... wondering am i in the right course man..
you realli need passion to excel here. if not, surely swim with the fishes.
i have already got 2 of my friends in this course,
declared withdrawn! hahaha... and even some of my classmates,
they're disppearing!!! as in literally!

okay, for dance.
its been a year in NRA liao!
yeeehaaah! new revolving age,
hip hop dance club in Ngee Ann Poly!
well, participated in ONE DANZATION EVENT~!
honoured to be taught by Farid and danced with
the other freshies as well!
i really look forward whats coming up this year and
the years to come. so much to learn from the seniors
and other freshies as well.

also, i managed to attend YIU's beginner street jazz!!
for those who dunno who's YIU...
Yiu is on the left. = )
yay!!! He's dope man!!!
got the video too, thanks Trecia!
hahaha...cant upload here, file's humongous!

beginner street jazz class!
YIU's the guy in the centre with cap!

Yiu and Bo, with the dancers!

indeed, inspire through dance & music.

for me, i got so much to improve as a dancer.
i need to work hard. really.

each time i dance, realise that i still to
find my own style, get rid of those uncontrolled limbs
that swings around when i dance...posture, facial expression..
aiyoo.. just to let u guys know,
i am moving house soon, to BUANGKOK! hahaha...
parents already deposited 2k into the new house's payment or smth...
hopefully in my room, i can get a mirror [enuff to see myself, heard there's
one @ IKEA...$80, wide enuff for one person]
then i can PRACTICE EVERYDAY! A'ight!

in YDANCE, we're also growing man!
glad to see more dancers coming together
for a common cause. yupp! jars of clay!!
those who just joined, really encourage u guys to dance on,
its the passion that keeps u going.

ooooooOoOo...!!! u guys rock!

dance is a disease which cant be cured.
once its in you, its in you till the end.
be it ur a handicapped, or ur asleep. hah!

we're having our upcoming production this MARCH!
jiayous! lets keep practicing and sharpening our steps!

lemme see, lastly,
i just shaved my hair..
hahaha! much cooler now!
hehehe... must be the "afro wig" la.
gave me too much fright bout hair.
i borrowed "it" for our sch's NRA PPP!
[post production party]
hahahah.... crazy night. cant believe i actually
brought home a blue sweat pants as prize. haha!

not to forget you guys,
Shar and the crew.
too bad i couldn stay for the UL retreat the other time.
fell ill, haha...man...wasted...but least we got our PIC!!
cant believe we all manage to squeeze into our uniforms...
well, why did i use the word "squeeze".....erm...
gosh! maybe its jus me! ahahahaha... no la...
thanks for being a great groupie!!
welcome to the crew!!! *claps X1000*
lets GROW NORTH together!

btw, shar's the girl with the blue tie. hahaha!
from left to right, xin ru, joyce, shar, dk, wei keat!

okays, will update more.

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☆★ Saturday, February 7, 2009

heys, peeps.

found some kewl stuff, so i wan2 share with y'all.
check this out.

#1. Lightning Cow!

The cow featured here, who we will refer to as "Well Done", was struck
by lightning and lived to chew grass and moo about it, which is apparently rare.
okay, ..not proven to have been caused by lightning, but a reasonable assumption.

When lightning hits the ground, current flows through the earth in a wide area around the point of impact. This is how a lightning strike can kill a field full of cows - the long wheelbase of the average cow means that a nearby strike induces a significant potential difference across the ground spanned by the cow's front and back legs; current flows through cow, cow dies.

For those of you who aren't science-minded, let me break that down in layman's terms: basically lightning strikes a cow, and makes it delicious. I smell barbecue! Or a cow on fire, same difference. Ermm, yeah...

Apparently that's why it's recommended that humans caught in the open should not only crouch low, but keep their feet close together - if you're not struck directly, you don't want your feet far enough apart to create a potential difference for voltage moving through the ground. First time I've understood that.

#2. Heko!!!

Well folks, peeps, whatever, hahah.. valentine's day is around the corner..
Introducing, Tokyoflash's latest: the Heko. Get one today!!! [wahaha, i mus be joking..]

"Hours are presented on the upper screen. The hours three, six, nine and twelve in the same positions as on a clock face. Hours one and two are in between, a combination of lit LEDs show the hour.

Minutes are presented on the center and lower screens. The lower screen shows zero, fifteen, thirty and forty-five minutes in the same position as on a clock face, the LEDs in between show five minutes each. The central screen presents four single minutes, a combination of lit LEDs show the minutes."

Hekos are available now for $109 [in yen laa] and come in blue, white, or multi-colored LEDs. Personally, I like the multi, because I'm funky fresh. Okay, funky ripe.

Product Site

#3. Its elemental: A Periodic Table Duvet...or quilt.

can you imagine someone would actually do this?
hahahaha.... those of you who graduated from chemistry, guess you had enough of this!
i found this on craftster.org.
its actually this lady who cut and sewed all these patches together for her boyfriend,
cos he's a major in chemistry! As a christmas present! featuring the "periodic table of the elements"...my gosh!
Chemistry Duvet Cover

#4. What, Why? A See-Through Glass Pool Table!

I don't get it -- I don't need to see my feet while I'm shooting pool. But if you have a foot fetish and some serious cash (AUS RRP $39,900.00), you can pick up a G1 Glass Top Pool Table. It's glass covered in some patented (and likely cancerous) material called Vitrik. I don't believe a word of it, but there's a video so you can check it out.

here's the vid!


stay tuned for more... = )

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