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☆★ Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey, look what i found...This is a promotional video for RIKEN's RIBA, a robotic pedo-bear that was designed to pick hospital patients up out of their beds and discreetly crush their genitals.

Yeah, no thanks.

Oh, and don't let the Whinny the Pooh music in the video fool you, this robo-bear would maul your whole damn face off and wear it like a mask for a single pot of oil.

Don't believe me? Ask Piglet.

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☆★ Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is a video of a Japanese Arcade Game which you try to
disturb a dinner party by breaking the table.....
WTHeck, I know.
That said, I woulda karate-chopped the grain outta that machine!
High score? Or score high?

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☆★ Friday, September 11, 2009

yupp, more fotos.`
the journey never ends..

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☆★ Monday, September 7, 2009

New concept art: PS4

(looks breakable though)

"As the designer expects, the Playstation 4 will sport a high end touch screen rather than glossy body that the current generation gaming console sports. The CD ROM has a sexy placement and a gloss cover that can be customized would definitely be an added advantage, what say? Even the PS4 controllers are designed to perfectly match with the console and will sport a few touch screen options. From the images given, it seems that the gen next Play station will also have an embedded OLED screen, which makes this Playstation 4 game console here twice as cool as expected, right?"

click below for more:
Amazing New PS4 Game Console Design

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hahaha, i really look crappy.
anyways, undefined's journey is indeed
unforgetable yet a fulfilling one!!
thanks team.
thanks bw, chanjiajun, david.

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its undefined!! ^^
on TNP.

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