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☆★ Monday, November 30, 2009

check it out!


on the 29 Nov 2009, SINGAPORE sent 2 TEAMS to Melbourne to compete
@ WSB this year... Seven Crew [Suntec Dance 3rd place]
and IYHAYKICYH [Suntec Dance Champion]....and guess what??

These 2 DOPE TEAMS from SINGAPORE got 2nd and 3rd placing a
the World Supremacy Battlegrounds in Melbourne!

2nd : Seven Crew


truly, the dance industry in Singapore is growing tremendously!!
The world is looking at us now`~

standards must be raised...
boundaries must be broken..

time to level up!!!

below are the videos...for those who missed out on the good stuff`~

His vessel... @ 6:25 PM

☆★ Friday, November 20, 2009

finally, red camp is over...
hahaha..its been great... training and bonding
and most imptly, leveling up together as a whole junior batch!
[for the video, go to my facebook profile to view....]

fuyo...love the stepping item`!!

now's the time to get back ...
funka's coming up.
audition for ydance coming up too...
well...not to mention, studies wise...
been laggin ....must catch up siol... or surely will habis..

life...is short....
we've only one "bullet"...we've to live it right and wisely...
aim for the moon...........even if u fall, u will be amongst the stars..

make it count..

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☆★ Sunday, November 1, 2009

its been sometime since i blogged.
well.... am in class now. loads of stuffs being going on.

RED CAMP's on the 19th nov...NRA's performing @ the NP convention centre!
wooosh~! been chionging trainings like almost everyday!
burning out siol, but its good. i need the "push"! if not, cant level up..

on top of that, we've got APEC coming up.. 10th Nov @ suntec....
OBAma la, and all those big shots from different countries are coming to SG..
hahah! performing for OBAMA! what an honour...! haven perform for nathan yet,
got show for obama liao.. maybe halfway during the dance, i'll just shout "Oi, OBAMA!!!"

been dancing, dancing and dancing... just loved it.
but i mus constantly remind myself, not to miss out the other aspects in life..
my family back home, studies, my best friend...

i really lack sleep......man...
cant believe someone even need to wake me up on the shuttle bus this morning to sch.

dance is a disease which cant be cured.
its like i got it in my veins all over my body.

His vessel... @ 5:12 PM