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☆★ Wednesday, July 29, 2009

there's a new release for SEXY DIAMOND in singapore.
its their.......


its way dope.


the price also max.
its a $139 nett.

the embroidery veri nice!!! hahahaha...
think by the time i save up, sold out le.

haiiyooo...recently, quite stressed.
got to chiong lotsa assignments, 3MA, DAD, PBM...
and their portfolios...oh man...

on top of tht, there's our suntec comp trainings...
hahaha, literally we trained everyday...
i have to admit i didn go for all.......as things cropped up,
projects to do, family matters, and guess waht?

i sprained my left knee cap..
now like max pain.. cant put my leg straight..
walking up & down steps aint ez.

gotta take care man.

tmr is "undefined" first outing.
gonna shop for our suntec costumes at peninsular.
purple top!!!! not bad!!! like the colour~
hahahaha...we gotta jiayouuus man!

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☆★ Saturday, July 25, 2009

HELP ...

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☆★ Wednesday, July 22, 2009

this clip is super hilarious.
muahaha....njoy it max!

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☆★ Friday, July 17, 2009


I've seen a couple try to imitate this, in the MRT (when the train accelerates,
you know who you are) and also in Step Up 2 when they danced in the rain.

Here's the secret to one of his most legendary moves in history:

Though he used wires and harnesses in the video, it's definitely not possible to use it when performing live in '92. So...

Using a special kind of shoes, he slides them into a peg in the floor, and with use of anklets that helped as a support like ski boots, the gravity-defying lean is performed.

But we always believed in magic, didn't we?

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☆★ Thursday, July 16, 2009

stay tuned for this awesome documentry~

"Turn It Loose" is a dance documentary based on the personal lives of 6 world-renowned Bboys who took part in the 2006 Soweto Competition.

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☆★ Monday, July 6, 2009


SEXY DIAMOND!!! this is getting insane~!


i got my first sexy diamond item!
its the 108 sexy diamond glasses!!! wooots!
thanks BK! :}

also, there's upcoming items thats looks realli "yummi"!
must save up liao....



the new era cap hasn arrived yet...
but placed order liao` whahaka!
wana grab the yellow one!



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☆★ Saturday, July 4, 2009

to all who stumbles upon this blog..

you should have known its been a century since i last updated it..

thought i might just share a lil'l of whats going on in my life.
so i decided to take some time off to bring revival to this blog.

here goes...


i have moved over to MINOPS :D
yupp. its a new ministry ground for me.
for the past 8 years i have been in the pastoral side.
now, i'm under the support side, led by beloved shuz.
its my 3rd month here already.
there's so much i'm learning here.
am glad am given this opportunity.
am already loving the peeps here!

at times i'm really depending on my own self..
i need to rely on the main source. i need to grow.
seeing things from a member's view... it really made me
reflect so much more. discipline. self control. wisdom.
jiayouu DK.


its my 2nd year now. first semester only and lotsa stress's on me.
there's 3MA [3d modeling/animation] PBM [principles of body mechanics]
FDW [figure drawing] and DAD [digital audio data]


i have to learn MAYA. ><" gosh, i seriously cant learn under my lecturer.. having a hard time understanding his "language". i am really trying my best to "swallow" what he's saying.. haahah, but jiaalat leh.. dunno why i just cant seem to get it. thus, i learned from my friends and even from YOUTUBE. can you believe it? one whole term's assignment, i literally learn everything from YOUTUBE's online tutorial on how to build an aeroplane? hahahah.. now this term we have to construct our own 3d self! help me.


this class is fun. we get to draw human figures. like the skeletal structure, the muscles, and proportion of a human, facial features, blaaaa. they even hire a LIFE MODEL to model while we draw! its a GUY laa. the girls in my class damn happy and kept blushing. ok he has his undies on! what are u thinkin?! he has a great bod la, thats why can see clearly while we draw. i was imagining if they get someone larger and rounder...man.. cant see where's where la.


use toon boom and maya. ><""""!!! i don't like using softwares! i rather draw! this is where we study how a human moves.. like walking, jumping, turning, hoping, pushing an object... yupp.. cant be too robotic for example? yaah! then like a simple walk cant be too stiff?? mus look like a normal human being.... then we've to put LIFE in the walk.... like walking with attitude? or a little bounce while walking? interesting topic laa. but erm, just don't like the softwares.


this is quite fun bah. our portfolio is to do a music production whereby we are to record our own composed song or create a melody, rhythm or beats using REASON ADAPTER .......like techno beats?! hahaha i decided on composed song. i got my brother to help me out with it. : 3 we also learned how to edit sounds, like cutting parts of the audio and pasting it, sycn it with a given movie clip... aiyaa...ahaha. cant help but jus share what i am doing in school. if this bores u, too bad baah. hahah..


now am a junior!! yeaaa` anyways, been dancing dancing dancing! there's an upcoming competition for me and my crew, UNDEFINED. its at suntec, this august 09. it will be another exposure and boost in my growth in dance. thanks to our dope seniors baowen, david and jiajun who's investing in us.. we'll jiayouus! still remember when david told us to write down what do we want to benefit out of this competition..... i really took time and write em down, with my heart, mind and soul.. well...i cant stop talking bout dance.. it is a lifestyle for me i know. its not just a cca. its not just for leisure. its more than just a hobby. and i know a difference is yet to be made.


other than MINOPS, DENNIS, KEY or my EX-NORTH peeps. my brother's another good friend to me. :D friendship is key. it jus goes to show that life's problems and tough times are shared amongst the few of you. carry the burden for one another. : >


lastly, even though i have never met MJ face to face when he came to SG during 1993..
i really respect this man. he really lived a sad life despite his popularity and great talents...
he suffered pain and anxieties due to the press's accusation and fan's demands.
he's really dope.

dk stands and *salutes* and *sings the anthem, "BILLIE JEAN"* and does a "pelvic thrust"*

u rock, MJ, in our hearts and ur legacy lives on.

wahh. time flies. its 5am on a sunday morning already.
but cant sleep..well.. have a nice day anyways ! : D
gurd nite.

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☆★ Friday, July 3, 2009


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