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☆★ Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The highly anticipated annual Suntec Dance competition, Suntec Dance is back and this time the prizes are much more attractive!

We wish to invite you to register and participate in any of the following categories to stand to win prizes totaling a value of $37,000!

The competition is open to:

Junior Solo Category : Individual 12 years old and below for Junior Solo Category
Open Solo Category : Individual 13 years old and above for Open Solo Category
Group Category : 4 to 8 members of any age

The closing date for registration is 9 August 2009 (Sunday).


Date : Sat 15 Aug 2009
Time : 1pm
Venue : Galleria Square

*ContestantsParticipants for all categories will go through the Audition to show their talent and skills for 1 minute. Qualified contestants will be invited to compete in the Heats.

Date : Sat 29 Aug 2009
Time : 1pm
Venue: Galleria Square

*15 selected contestants/ groups in each category will be selected from the Heats to will compete in the semi-finals.

Semi Finals*
Date: Sat 5 Sep 2009
Time: 1pm
Venue: Galleria Square

*Top 10 Selected contestants/groups in from each category will be selected from the Semi Finals semi finals will compete for a chance to enter the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals
Date: Sun 20 Sep 2009
Time: 5pm
Venue: Fountain of Wealth

*Top 3 winners for each category will be selected for the Grand Finals. The winning team for from the Open category will represent Suntec City Mall to participate in the BATTLEGROUNDS International Championship in Melbourne.

* Results will be published on the www.sunteccity.com.sg and shortlisted contestants/groups will be notified via post/ phone calls.

its finally here..
those participating, all the best!!!
shout out to NRA!!! Woosh~
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