the unforced rhythm
______of grace

☆★ Monday, April 21, 2008

Its my 2nd week in school..
well, and projects and assignments are already pilling up...
wahh!! and...i'm only a year 1 student...

seriously, i have to learn how to cope and handle the 
workload coming along with my other commitments..
guess thats the only way i can "grow"...and learn how to
survive in the real working in time to come..

oh yeah, i'm also appointed as one of the project leader...
which means...pressure man!!! but...i can call the shots of where 
and what time to meet..i will ensure the whole team works hard 

thats my course!! MMA~ "27-04" means block 27, 4th floor.. its where my classroom is.

now thats something cool for you to see.... the handprints...
yeah, its all of us MMA students, year 1 to 3..

yupp, u guessed it, thats the print of my cool palm!! 
if you zoom it in, you can see my beautiful
name at the lower left hand corner...

And now.....time for dk's makansutra session.....!!!!

Okay! "Kaki Fuyong Set"...a japanese meal. 
This, my friends, is Ngee Ann Poly's Canteen 1 TOP MEAL!!
Its ranked #1~ at first.....i didn't believe it till i go try it myself...

Oooooo....just by looking at it....doesn't it make you wanna drool?
The miso soup's fantastic, you can add pepper to it and those red bits of chilli,
i dunno whats it called [the one yoshinoya provides] but it smells really good!
And the rice, it just makes you wanna go for another bowl...you know what i mean?
The best of all, the omelette with the chicken chunks, its with teriyaki sauce!!
You eat it this way, wrap the chicken with the egg, together with the rice,
into your mouth, and...."MMMMMmmmm!!!" 
*Only 3bucks....wanna come to NP ? hahaha...

There.....our Ngee Ann Poly's Legendary Chicken Cutlet....
Smell's great, coleslaw not bad [can compete with KFC's standard], 
the tomato beans is like any other normal beans...
fries, okok, but the cutlet is simply crispy and chewy!!! nice!!!
only 4buckies....can try it!! its at canteen 3!

Alright, soon to come, more yummies will be posted for you delight....

Anyways, last saturday, it was a great time of fellowship with my 
beloved "NORTH" family... ahahhaha.... THANKS TO JOYCE & HER TEAM!!!
the district huddle was really fun and NORTH ENJOYED it!!! 
It was a speedy game, and we need to run to 4 locations...and take pictures,
hahahah...well, my team was the first to go...! An qi was really good, she guessed the riddles right so quickly!! all of us ran as quick as we could...and we got 1st!!!
The prize was really attractive, good notebooks [not the computer..] pens and highlighters..
Below is a picture we "CHAMPION" [the name of our group] took at the end of the event!


His vessel... @ 6:00 AM