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☆★ Friday, April 1, 2011

this is not an APRIL'S FOOL joke.
Monster Energy Drink: Now With Dead Mickey~

19-year old liar Vitaliy Sulzhik claims he found a dead mouse in the bottom of a Monster Energy drink.

"Vitaliy Sulzhik had downed the energy drink shortly after buying it, only to feel 'debris' in his mouth as he finished the can.

The 19-year-old inspected the bottom of his drink and saw the tip of a mouse tail sitting at the bottom.

'Then I looked in the can and I saw the tip of the tail and I vomited everywhere.

'Anytime anyone talks about monster, I just get that sick feeling in my stomach.

Mr Sulzhik has been unable to drink anything from a can in the year since the incident, he said."

I'm actually with you, Vitaliy.
One time I was emptying a Sprite can into a mug at a bar and, no lie: A GIANT LOOGIE POURED OUT. I haven't been able to drink anything but wine coolers since.
"HA -- I bet you just made that up just so you can drink that girly shit!"
I DID NOT. Besides, it was just a phase, I don't even like those anymore.
"Then why are your lips red?"

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☆★ Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i love to lock. <3

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The Gunbrella is a real £10.99 (~$18 in US?) product that looks like one of those pop-guns with the flag that comes out that the Joker would point at Batman. Except it's an umbrella. But it does have an auto-open "trigger" so you can still aim it at people and scare them. Just not me, because I WILL wrestle it from you and jam it up your ass. Then pull the trigger. People are gonna think you're wearing a skin hoop skirt! LOL!

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☆★ Sunday, February 27, 2011

had another locking class @ dance house, hong kong st~~~~~ with ceekay!

today we worked on semi power moves? (i dunno or transitions to power moves moves?)
its stomp the roach ("kill the cockroach'' sounds farnie.) and boxsplit.

well, for stomp the roach, when don campbell was doing it, he actually prone to the floor and SLAM! his palm on the ground to do the "stomp". the move actually came from the idea of killing a roach. cos roached respond by running (or crawling?) all over the place when u wana kill it. so the move actually shows one move to the right, left then right again to do the stomp!

boxsplit was discovered by the nicolas brothers (dunno i got this right?) they weren lockers but entertainers or tap dancers. the appeared during circus performances, i think. and usually from many high platforms to the lowest ones. and they did a jump followed by a split. soon, lockers started to spot this move and called it the boxsplit.

i gotta work on my boxsplit.

anyways, ceekay shared pretty much with us today. some of the stuffs i recalled was..

*during battles, we dun jus zua power moves. jus to show off to the judges or feel good. if you cant do it, rather stick to what u can. if u crash, u can take hong bao. i will gong xi you.

*and do not only dance in front of the mirror. u can only improve that much. mirrors are for cleaning angles. to look good. u shd video urself not dancing in front of the mirrors. yes, angles are important to work on. but we shouldn depend too much on it. obviously, cleaner angles is nicer to watch (eg. gogo brothers) u should be aware of ur angles (at the back of ur head) during a dance without the mirror.

*always compete to be better than ur best. if u stop dancing, u stop at ur best.

*each move is like an alphabet. u have to do ur homework to increase ur knowledge of ur alphabets. so when u put them all together.....S....C...O....O....T....B...O....T..... u get
SCOOTBOT. whoo! hows that!? so u have to know how to spell. if ur knowledge is limited, u only know how to speak "that" much. key thing, do homework and study more.

*when listening to music, there's many ways to interpret it.

*if u like this particular song, u will know everything bout it. the vocals, the beats, the rhythm..
but it will become too fake. it doesn look natural in feeling the song.

so, its more or less like that? i will blog it up if i can recall anymore. hahah!
well. to me, i enjoy theories. i wana expand my knowledge in locking. more background and history lessons for me is good. (kaypoh ma. u got probrem ah!?)

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☆★ Sunday, February 20, 2011

just came back from Ceekay's locking course @ this ulu dance studio along hong kong st.
seriously, it looks pretty lok kok over there.
(where's the dim sum stall, man?)

feels so good to lock again!``~~ wahahhaha.
this time pace is much faster cos its intermediate.
shiok! challenging! jiayous DK!

enjoyed the class man! when it comes to the debrief,
i heard what i can improve on. jeaaah. thats what i wana hear!

and! during the last 3 lessons, he will focus on FREESTYLE!
WHOO! its what i have been wanting to improve! CMON! HIAAAHOO!

i am just so curious bout locking's history. so heard a pretty bit from ceekay himself.
such as locking uses funk music, from the 70s era, uses real instrument such as trumpet, congos and drums. which is different from hiphop. which mostly uses digital beats and stuff.

next week we're learning....power moves? knee drop, boxsplit and applejack...
ehh, its kinda quick though. there're moves like which-a-way, stomp the roach, stop n go, round the world.... haven learn sia!!! so fast power moves? hahaha.

and he mentioned, smth that hit me in the head again.
that the funk usually comes from the...... *drum roll* .........

*drumstick flew away*

.......HIPS. yepps. move those hips, dood! cos hips will never lie.

KEEP FUNKIN' ~~~~!!!

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☆★ Saturday, February 19, 2011

just came from dance fiesta and pro-am locking~~~



man...ams like me was arhrhhhaklsjoiemocw012984-120939-0@!$#@$ - ing away!
GRATZ to SURIA and FONG! being champs!!
the rest did so funky well too! man, ian said "next time i wana see u here ah."

so so glad that the funk scene in singapore is growing!
whooo! bo xi gan liao! time to work hard!
and this is what YAOBAO (so funky) said.
it really hit me in the head and legs. (ok, head only.)
its smth like that...

u cant jus dance in front of the mirror all the time.
and practice on ur own.
yes, u will improve but to a certain level..
its not a i, my, myself thing.
u need to step out of your comfort zone.
dance with and around people.

like u will get different feel when u dance in front/around/with person A (maybe a guy)
and u will have a different feel when u dance in front/around/with of person B (a girl)

also, locking in the 70-80s, 90s, and now, the twentieth century locking we're doing are different too. styles change. but one thing doesn't, the foundations. yupp.
if you wana include hiphop, waacking or even popping in locking, mix it well. dont do it segment by segment. or it will look like ur doing hiphop, then locking, then hiphop again. but put hiphop in locking, such as doing hiphop footwork but u lock along with that........git it?

and. he says if ur feeling good, and got the mood, when u battle, u enjoy the song and go all out. but what if suddenly, ur feeling low (like mosquito bit u in ur face) how??
challenge urself. dont worry if ur opponent dances better, but challenge to break thru out of that sucky feeling and dance it out.

yaar.. more or less. those are what i caught. whooo. inspired.

am gonna dream funk tonight.

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☆★ Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy BELATED Valentine's Day, I hope you all had a good great one.
I actually forgot to post this up during Valentine's.
(too busy with my FYP)

For those of you who do have a special someone and not sure what to get them, there's glow-in-the-dark flowers. Except they don't really glow in the dark, just under blacklight. All you have to do is pour some highlighter fluid in water, cut the stems, and let 'em soak that shit up. BOOM -- space flowers!

If so, make some glow-flowers for your lady and tell her you picked them on the moon. She'll be so impressed you went to space for her!

Check out the video tutorial in case you're really struggling with the idea of pouring highlighter fluid in some water and sticking a flower in it.

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